“This is what I looked like then I bought my first house,” I’ll say

I must admit I felt so terribly silly

Standing and squinting into the sunset

At my fiance, smile mirrored genuinely on his face-

He was the one gazing at the new home we owned,

Papers just signed this morning.

The rough red brick beneath my fingertips,

Warm with summer’s sun and

Promise of permanence for years to come.


At ten o’clock we sat at conference room table,

Papers slid against smooth glass top-

we signed away on higher numbers

Than we could really grasp at,

We giggled at the date- 2047.

I knew in that law office I cracked the cover

Of whatever novel my life may write,

And by the time I am back out on the blacktop

I’ve slipped into this beginning already,

My eyes grew to an old women’s

Reading that first line of the story again.


Though I felt silly I knew I would be glad

One day years from now to pull out an album,

look back to when my wrinkled hands were smooth,

spotless, and time so trivial I could giggle at three decades.

I will point to this picture of me, 24 and unaware,

Back when I hadn’t seen my children’s faces yet,

And be glad I stood, squinted into the sun

Standing on my first home’s stoop.


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