Andrew’s Wall

They lay together in his room,

bodies close but minds adrift.

Both showing off their shiny white pebbles,

perfectly polished, arranged by height, resting in pink

gums-Too bursting with childish joy

even when the other isn’t looking.

Staring at the wall, she admires the bright, shining glare

Artwork in itself.

The wall so remarkably white where

The suspended bright bulb reflects

and refract its beauty

into her own two wet spheres.

The bumpy paint an orange so vivid

She could peel it off,

imagining her thumb nail sinking into the

think, bumpy skin. Cool on her cuticle, stinging in yesterday’s hangnail.

Tasting the citrus burst as it flushes through her mouth,

washing over her tongue.

An acidic carwash forever wearing

tough enamel protecting her teeth.

He laughs,

the sound breaks her thoughts,

Their eyes catch, he asks

“What are you thinking about?”


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