Zig Zag

Why you hang around me,

I will never know

scared by my sneezes and yet

you come running when you hear

my pant legs scuff along the old

linoleum kitchen floor.

Goodmorning, Ziggy.


Wide eyes stare up at me,

can’t believe I know your name

Of course I know you, zig.

Scooped in my arms, a fur baby

you detest my human love,

yet meow insistently as I put you down,

cook a breakfast, drink my tea.

Silly kitty.


Has no one fed you, sweetheart?

Here, have some of my toast.

Or run away, little lion

the kitchen your kingdom

and my suspended fingers,

wiggling mindlessly in midair,

your prey.


Precious kitten, you leap into the next room

My breakfast is finished, your toast sits waiting

for the nibble of tiny teeth.

Someone else is awake

whose scary sneezes stay

locked in his nose,

my cuffs now free to scuff the floor

without fear of little paws

and jagged teeth.


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